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Diane Johnson Mindful Eating Coach


Diane has a master's degree in Nutrition and a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She has been a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator and a Health Coach for more than 20 years, and has worked with hundreds of women. She’s overcome her own struggles with food and weight, and now focuses solely on mindful eating to help women find their own path to peace with food and weight.

Diane started Shift Coaching to give women the support and tools they need to develop a healthy relationship with their body, mind and food so that they can live their lives free from the stress, exhaustion and deprivation of diets.

A Path to Mindful Eating Program is the cornerstone program of Shift Coaching. Each program option focuses on giving women tools through workbooks, one-on-one coaching, and tons of great resources.

3 step plan:

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  • 3 Be free from diets for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

“I truly felt lost in a sea of diets and frustration until Diane helped me discover mindful eating. Her encouragement, and faith in me helped me finally break free from my struggles with food.

She helped me understand that diets are actually the problem, not the solution. I have begun to trust myself around food more, worry less about the number on the scale, and feel more at ease with eating the foods I really want to eat without so much guilt. Mindful eating isn’t a quick fix, but it’s totally worth it. I’m happily diet-free and never going back!”

- Dawn L.

Mindful eating programs

“I was in a perpetual state of poor food choices - having amnesia from one meal to the next. I realized this mindful eating program was working for me when I noticed that I had a food choice strategy before I even started to eat.

I am no longer ruled by urgent food cravings, nor mindless eating habits. I know what physical hunger feels like, and I wait until I'm hungry to eat. I feel great, and confident in the lasting power of this mindful eating process. I'm grateful to Diane for her gentle, confident, knowledgeable approach to coaching."

- Amy R.


“Working with Diane is refreshing and joyful! She has encouraged me to look at things in new ways and to become curious about my thought process around food and my body.

Working with Diane is refreshing and joyful! She has encouraged me to look at things in new ways and to become curious in my thoughts process around food and my body. I have gained new tools working with her which has led me down a path of discovery and hopefulness. I am so grateful for Diane’s help and expertise in helping me with mindfulness and the body!"

- Stephanie ML

No More Diets!

Trust Your Body with Mindful Eating

mindful eating resource

What's different about mindful eating and how can a mindful eating practice make a difference in your life?

This "quiz" will help you better understand mindful eating. My hope is that it will open your eyes to the beginning of a journey that can help you learn to trust your body and regain the control you long-ago handed over to diet.